Cibalikapı Fish Restaurant is a bridge between the "meyhane" culture and today; a perfect place for regulars... The restaurant is reminiscent of old Turkish movies, when friends used to get together at old "meyhanes" to enjoy the good food and drinks as well as the sweet music and the long conversations that last until late hours of the night. A wooden building, wooden floors, tables and chairs.. The Cipalikapı restaurant, located in Cibali, exudes warmth and friendliness, a familiarity that is hard to find and even harder to let go off... It is not only the inside of the restaurant that has attracted many, but also the perfect panorama outside, capturing the view from Hasköy to Topkapı palace, enabling our guests to take in both the old and new cities… In addition to our cozy restaurant in Cibali, a branch has been opened in Moda, located on the best path of the Anatolian side that leads to the green and the sea, on the way to the historic Moda port… As Cibalikapı combines the tastes of today and yesterday, not giving up the delicacies of the meyhane culture but also not scared to add new touches, the music is also a perfect combination of the old and new, bringing to your ears through LP's the many sounds of Turkey as well as sounds of its neighbours like Greece.